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What kind of mold is used to treat instrument blister box?

Source:千亿国际qy966_千亿国际亚洲最佳平台_千亿国际娱乐qy966.com Date:2018-01-18 11:07
Because the blister process in several other cheap molds are made by hand, and the mother mold is gypsum powder. Not only allowed to enter the clean workshop production, and finished rough surface, the size is not accurate. And gypsum mold is made of dust, is a carrier of bacteria, is strictly prohibited for medical equipment blister box. Consequences Microbial contamination may not be effectively controlled.医疗器械吸塑盒使用的是什么千亿国际亚洲最佳平台?
Only the aluminum die is produced by CNC machining, which not only makes the surface of the plastic box of the medical device translucent, but also the tolerance can be controlled at plus or minus 0.01mm. For some small tubes such as thin tubes or electrosurgical units of the second and third categories, only the plastic molded case made of aluminum mold can be tight enough to ensure that the insoluble particles of the medical apparatus plastic case are scalable and free from other Factor pollution.