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Plastic tray production mold, plastic tray production process what?

Source:千亿国际qy966_千亿国际亚洲最佳平台_千亿国际娱乐qy966.com Date:2018-01-18 11:08
Plastic tray production molds, many manufacturers have just started to save costs that will say that gypsum mold, but not as good as the gypsum mold and aluminum mold die durable, plastic mold industry is also used aluminum mold and copper mold more.Gypsum mold production is the gypsum mold washed out on the drying zone drying, and then according to the surface irregularities, with diamond flowers without affecting the use of the mold in the low number of holes drilled to increase the mold suction, and then The product proofing, which is the same as the production of copper molds, but also after the copper mold proofing out to plating. Aluminum mold is usually handed to the mold factory specialized proofing. Three molds are more commonly used for the plastic processing plant tray mold, aluminum mold and copper mold which is more widely used.吸塑托盘生产用什么千亿国际亚洲最佳平台,吸塑托盘的制作流程有哪些?Know the plastic tray mold, we will sort out plastic tray processing production process:1, according to customer requirements design plastic tray and mold drawings, making plastic tray mold.2, plastic tray mold layout, tray mold to be prepared after about 2 meters of wood, and then drilling holes in the board, the purpose is to get the mold suction, the mold coated with glue on the back of the board Can be.3, plastic tray production, mold ready, it came to the production stage, the mold on the mechanical shelf, sealed with adhesive tape to increase the suction leak strength, and finally the machine suction and cooling time Good regulation, waiting for product molding can be.